Frequently Asked Problems with Solutions

1.Whenever I double-click on any drive/folder in My Computer, a Search window opens.
2.Whenever I double-click on any drive in My Computer, "Open with" dialog box opens OR I get following error message
3.Whenever I double-click on any folder in My Computer, it opens in a new window even I have selected the option "Always open folders in same window" in "Tools -> Folder Options".
4.Whenever I start my computer, My Documents/My Computer opens automatically at windows startup.
5.Whenever I open a folder, another folder with the same name is created under it.
6.When I start my computer, I get error message
7.When I start my computer, I get error message
8.When I start my computer, I get error message
9.I have Windows 2000/XP/2003 installed in my system and yesterday I installed Windows 98 over it, after that I'm not able to boot into Windows 2000/XP.2003. I'm not getting option to select the OS.
10.When I start my system, I'm getting 2 entries for windows XP in the boot loader. How can I remove the duplicate entry?
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